Make a date with creativity!

We help creators and composers focus on their writing and prioritize their musical dreams.

Struggling to find your inner creativity and make music with consistency and ease?

Do you feel like you lack ideas or don’t have time?

Maybe you can’t figure out what comes first, the process or how to do it? 

How would it feel to sit down and write music with ease?

Or perform a piece of music you love? 

How would it feel to share your music with confidence? 

Would that change your musical and creative life? 

It’s possible!  

Meet the Creator

Casey Lipka


Hi Everyone!


Happy you’re here to explore your own creative voice! I am a bassist, vocalist and composer based in Los Angeles, CA.


I started Creative Music Writing as a way to bring people together through music and community.


I started a daily songwriting group that grew into this beautiful community you see here!


I am currently 1/3 of the band Dear Darling and was a founding member of the band Cave Women, toured with CAKE as their bassist, have composed music for the ballet dancers & museum installations, and have fronted an 18 piece Motown Orchestra performing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell music. 


When I’m not thinking about Creative Music Writing you’ll find me writing my own music, and recording it. My aim is always to keep it creatively out of the box and to make it meaningful, sparking, a conversation of some sort. 


Mainly my music is about reaching people. 


I believe that every creator has something to share with the world and I’m so happy you’re here. Let’s make a date with creativity!


Happy writing,



What people say...

"I enjoyed the creative challenge and the focused time for writing and creating."
"This experience has given me perspective on how un-intimidating song writing is when when I get out of my own way."
"Given me something to focus my creative energy on."
"I have always loved writing songs and sharing them with people, but for one reason or another just hadn’t got around to it in over 10 years. This was just the shot in the arm I needed to get back to it! Glad to finally get back to writing!"